Wednesday, September 2, 2009

lets stir things up a little

im going to piss some people off quite a bit maybe. but thats not my intention. i want to get people thinking, talking, and perhaps start to get things through to our leaders, from local all the way to the feds.

Lets start with a major hot button issue.... Abortion.
I seriously doubt anyone actually likes abortion. I doubt anyone is "pro abortion" its more like pro choice. Just like it is not "anti women's rights" and more like pro life. Before I go into my spill about this, I am pro choice.... to a point. I don't like it, but do believe it needs to remain legal for some cases. People it is legal as of now, and needs to remain that way, with restrictions. Okay, this is what I am talking about. Rape (date, violent, etc) and incest/ molestation are the biggest reasons why. I have heard that a woman can not get pregnant from a rape, something about the woman's body shuts down if she is forced, but what about drug induced? Or how can you be 1000000000% sure that she won't? Say abortion is done away with, your wife, daughter, girlfriend, sister, mom, friend, whoever is raped. You mean to tell me that you want those doctors to come and say, "You're pregnant, but even though it is a result of this horrible traumatic experience, due to current law, you have to suck it up and carry this fetus to birth." Please people, more than likely every time she looks at her baby, shes going to be sick, knowing where it came from. Forget the baby, her belly, before it is born. Rapes are hard enough to get over with, but legally forcing a woman to live with the result, is just as bad. Don't mention adoption, she gave the kid up lets say. Because shes sick of where they came from. But the kid finds her. Thats not fair to her, or the kid. She may be fine with seeing them. But if shes not, it will bring up everything she tried to forget. And if they do say a woman can not have one b/c of rape, then they will have to charge her with the same crime if she does anything to try to abort herself.
Now, I did say there needs to be restrictions. I agree that the powers that be so to speak have no rights to know our medical standing, but a line does have to be drawn. Here is an example. A real one. My wife used to work with a girl we will call KC. This girl had an abortion. Then, about 3, no more than 4 months later, had another one. Here is the real kicker. They had the exact same health insurance plan through their job. We were paying the doctor's co-pay and the drug co-pay for birth control. KC had the abortion 100% covered. It was cheaper to spread the legs, get knocked up, then have an abortion, than to be responsible and use precautions. Now yes, KC did take it hard, both times. But she should have learned from the first one. So here's my point,.... a woman is having repeated abortions, instead of being responsible, thats wrong. That needs to be stopped. And I do mean STOPPED. Whether or not it is a financial burden on her or not. (the cost of the procedure) Perhaps forced birth control. Obviously something is not right in her head. Or lets say there is a crack head whore, that baby is going to have a really rough life, the option should be there, and perhaps in certain instances, mandatory. What if the mother will die, no way around it if she carries to term/ delivers it? I do not want you to say sorry you will die, but we can not abort. And oh, more than likely the baby will too, but we can't abort. Now yes, medical advances are being made every day, and this is unlikely,... but possible.
All that aside, here is the biggest issue. Abortion is now illegal, anyone who performs one goes to jail, self inflicted or not. Mothers do not want the babies. Where are they going? Who is going to take care of them? I will tell you who, the tax payer ultimately. Yeah, there are charities, and adoptions, but most will end up in the system. Which is just like our prisons, over crowded. We fund that. Foster parents get checks for each kid every month. We pay that. While most are probably good people, not all are. Kids get neglected, abused, or what ever. And some kids get bounced around, they never know stability. Which can lead to more problems. It may not, but it can.
So to wrap up my thoughts for now.... Abortion is unfortuantely a necessary evil. It just needs to be done "right". That is until we can fix our many other problems in our country/ lives, so we can answer every question I have raised, and all the others that would be raised if they over turn Roe vs. Wade.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

movie review- "Watchmen"

i recently watched "The Watchmen" movie on dvd. Not knowing the story other than fom the previews, and hearing a little about it, i watched it. I liked it, a little strange, and minutely hard to follow (if you get up w/o pausing (i didnt) you could get lost) but it was really cool. im hoping to read the graphic novel and see how it is. yes, you see penis, but not the whole movie (thank god, its almost 3 hours) and you barely see it in the 4 maybe 5 scenes. it looks like a twinkie. besides i read a review, that its digital. and since the character is "detatched from humanity" it makes since, being naked doesnt mean a thing. nor does time, or anything.
it is a very violent movie, but people, Kill Bill is WAY more violent and bloody. i highly reccomend the movie.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'mmmmm BaaAAAack!

For those of you who read my posts regularly, you should know by the title, this is more than an update of whats in my life.

For a while I have heard talk about our oh so wonderful politicians are thinking about an "obesity tax". If you don't know what this would be, it is an added tax on sodas, and juices. Because they contribute to us being overweight, or so the politicians say. I honestly didnt think anything would ever come of this,.. until a week or so ago.

I work for Pepsi Bottling Ventures in Wilmington, NC. We are the third largest bottler for Pepsi in the U.S. When I went to work, there were a stack of petitions, and a sign saying that congress was set to vote on making this tax real. Uh-oh.

I have not heard if this passed or not, but if it didn't, I am sure that it is not over if it did not.

Here are my concerns over this whole new tax they want.
1. Just what are they going to use this money for? Probably to line their pockets. It should be written into law that if this passes that the money will go to fund a national healthcare system. I am talking basically free for all. Or at the very least, free up until age 16 or so.
2. Are they crazy? We are in a recession, possibly a depression. People are losing jobs, houses, and all sorts of other problems, do they not realize that an additonal tax, espescially one like this would hurt everyone, espescially those already hurting? This new tax could even affect my job. Slim chance, but still possible.
3. Where will it stop? Please, sodas and juice drinks? While we are at it why not tax alcohol (although i have heard of a new one for that alone too)? It causes some weight gain. And oh, why not add on tobbacco? People use it, lose stamina, get lazy, then overweight. Oh, oh! Add on movies, television, and video games! All these cause us to sit on our asses instead of moving around! How about an added tax to gas, or at least one to drive our cars! If we all walked or used some kind of human transportation (bikes, boards, skates, feet) we would be getting excersise, thus not getting fat! Oh, how about a food tax. Any thing deemed unhealthy is taxed more. (candy, chips, fast food, snacks, appetizers, ice cream) The list goes on and on of what contributes to us gaining weight!

People pass this around! Tell your friends. email this around! We are responsible for our lives. Yes, that monster piece of cheesecake sounds good, but you just had that medium rare steak with blue cheese melted on it, with a side salad with buttermilk ranch dressing somthering it, a glass or high end red wine, and a baked potatoe somthered in butter, cheese, and REAL bacon. But take a pass. If you eat just one double cheeseburger combo, you are satisfied, and can still funtion, but that Big Mac combo stuffs you, and you can't. We are ultimately resposible for what we put into our bodies. We can not let the government tell us otherwise. ( i know that some people have medical disorders where they cant stop eating, but they are responsible for seeking help, thus they have some control) For the next thing we know the government will be placing a tax on us just to be alive,... ALL FOR OUR OWN GOOD. because you know, we have no idea whats best for us, THEY DO.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello again

I have been so busy recently. But of course its summer, so its no surprise. But.. guess who turned 2 on the 7th. yep thats right shes 2. we (just mommy, her, and I) did some stuff together. we went to Chick-fi-lay for breakfast, and she played in the playplace. went to the mall, got a cookie, and played some more, then Chuck-e-Cheese's. that was very tiring. But nothing compared to Saturday the 11th. that was her big party. she had a blast, and racked up on the loot. towards the end of presents she got the idea. barely had one open and reached for the next. i think she was more interested in opening than what they were.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


got the call. we have the right antibiotic. figurerd we did though. she acts like everything is good. thanx for your prayers all. now we just got to hope this wont be a reoccurring thing

Monday, May 25, 2009

changes changes

well at work they are changing the routes again. im still at walmart, but now on friday and saturday i am alot closer to home. like almost next door. yeah! but the downfall is 3 food lions. which will REALLY bite when FL goes on sale.

also, please keep my little Carly in your prayers. she has a kidney infection, diagnosed on Sat. the piss test wont be done til Wed, to see if it is genetic or something more serious. shes fine right now. playing running and such. as long as she has her messin (her word for medicine).

talk more later all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hello, is anybody out there?

hellooooo, is anybody out there, can anybody hear me? .... just kidding, a reference to pink floyd.

anyways, i know i have been gone a while. going into peak season again. just last week i had like 70 hours. granted i did work extra, but boy was i tired, still am. i have new carly pics, i know on myspace, and i think some on facebook.

she had a great easter, really hunted for eggs. and was soooo excited to find chocolate in the eggs. not to sound sexist or sterotypical, but she is definately a girl. LOVES fact she will chew threw a wrapper if you dont take it fast enough to stop her, or just to open it.

she is so freakin smart. loves to potty on the big one, yes.. the BIG one. (whith her seat of course), and she knows when she has to go usually. now, to work on poop. and just this morning she looked at my bare belly, pointed at my belly button, and told me what it was. i asked her where hers was, and she showed me. however when asked where mommy's was, she pointed at her own. well i will try to write more later. hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i know i know i said i am starting a new blog, and i am, im working on it. but here are some updates,... on the most important person in the whole world.... ME. just kidding. of course i am talking about carly.

well, of course by now shes walking, more like running around everywhere. she loves to be outside, and to go get the mail. shes saying small sentences now. like a couple weeks ago, dawn was making funny faces and noises, and all of a sudden, carly says "Mommy silly". and kept saying it. then when asked is carly silly and daddy silly. she said that too! and giggles when she says it. she also says "popple did it" mimi (carly's name for grandma on dawn's side) discovered this, and we have heard it, when she walks in the room. carly turns real quick and says it. we still do not know what popple (grandpa) did. she no longer says boop for book. she says book. she knows the difference between daddy's shoes and keys, from mommy's.

she loves chicken, eggies (eggs), and toast. she also loves Icees (cola), and Jamocha shakes. god forbid if you interrupt her during: toot and puddle, little bear, franklin, little einsteins, and yo gabba gabba. she has a jacket of the latter. and all she says when she sees it, it "gabbit gabbit" she loves pooh, and elmo.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

coming soon to a blog near you

im going to be starting a new blog page soon. it will have controversial topics, and if i can figure out how to let others post on it, that will be allowed. topics like drugs, death penalty, religion, aliens, and such. look forward to it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A promotion....kinda

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks ago that I kinda got a promotion. I didnt get a raise or anything, in fact all I got was more responsibility.

See in my "new" position in sales, I work Friday-Monday. Fri/ Sat I'm in wallace at Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion, and Walmart (the old kind, Division 1 stores). I used to be here in town on Sun/ Mon. A floater usually, although I did have a route, but the sales guy usually worked.

well 3 weeks ago though i walked in on sunday, and was told "you are no longer on Jason's route". i thought i did something bad, until they said i am in Walmart in Monkey Junction. A super center!!!! thats a HUGE amount of responsibility. Walmarts are nortoriously anal about everything. in fact so anal, we stay there all day. turns out the weekend guy there before didnt do his job. i already have my Fri/ sat CR demanding to keep me as his relief, cause they were going to switch me and the other guy completely. that wa stopped real fast. then, the CR for Walmart, told me when he walked in on Tuesday, everyone in Walmart was sayin that I kicked ass. "He actually worked, and hard!" they said.

So I have a huge increase in responsibility, so I guess they like the job im doing. Yea me!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life is not fair

Life is not fair. Some people get screwed no matter what they do. Take me for example. Before I got married, I could not get laid, a girlfriend, or forget those two, much less a date. I guess I could have hired a "girlfriend" but you never know if they would be clean or not. Plus I never had that kind of money. I am a good person, yet I struggle to make ends meet, while others do rotten things, and have it easy. Take that girl I talked about, why was she never interested in me, or why not any of the others. These are all things that that can not be controlled. There are things that can be controlled, like a pregnant crack whore. She can get help. She can prevent her baby from having lifelong health problems. People who smoke, they can quit. Drug users, abusers, etc, etc. the list goes on and on. These things that make life unfair for them mostly by their own choices. Which brings me to.....
By now pretty much everyone has heard of the octuplets. Which I am guessing everyone was like," Whoa thats cool, but boy she gunna have her hands full" at first. THEN, the truth comes out. She has 6 other kids. Okay.. she and her husband are really going to have their hands full. BUT WAIT, shes single. AND RIGHT NOW HER BOYFRIEND IS NOT IN THE PICTURE REALLY! And she is UNEMPLOYED!! Shes been living off of disability, which has now dried up. DUH! It eventually does. She had all kids by invitro.
I have come to the conclusion that she is either evil (not like Hitler, Satan, or that North Korea guy and such) but evil nonetheless. Or she is very mentally sick.
Did you see the Dateline interview a week or so back? Couldnt you see it? Espescially when asked something like, "What do you say to your kids when they ask down the road why things are rough?" I can not rememebr the exact question, but I remember her response, "Life's not fair"
PLEASE YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!! You CHOSE to have 14 kids. You had CONTROL over that. (while I agree that it wouldnt be right (like you said) to just destroy the embryos, you could have donated them to science, or people who can't get pregnant) Therefore you are either evil, or sick. Lets see here, you have one son with autism already, two more with other disabilites, or potential ones. You already get up to $800 and change a month for each one. Now you have 8 more seriously increasing the risk, espcially since you have other kids that have problems.
Now while those kids are attatched to her, they all need to be IMMEDIATELY removed from her custody. Court supervised visitation, with trigger happy armed guards, ready to shoot her if she even mentions taking them home for good before the court's ok.
All the kids (in the shots of them at home, during the on air interview) that were asked how they felt about more kids, basically said they didn't like it. One said the house would be "too squishy" and her second oldest, her oldest daughter, a freakin 6 year old said something like "Mommy will be too tired" They aired this right after they asked this evil/ sick woman if the kids had asked her not to do it, would she. And she has replied something like "If they were old enough to understand, and had asked me not to, then I would have done so" It sounds like to me, that when 4 and six yearolds grasp being too tired and too squishy, they are old enough to understand.
I say take her kids, give her a full psych workup. If she is found to be sick, force medicate (if she really wants her kids(even then if she really wants them, they shouldnt have to)). If she is found to be healthy, then EXECUTE her. Now that may be extreme, but that would mean she is evil. She has no consideration for anyone but her, shes manipualting the government, to get a free ride. Okay, maybe not kill her, but thow her in prison, for life. And not 25- 40 years life, I mean til she has 3 days to live life. Set her free then, so she doesnt have to die in prison, since she didnt kill anyone.
She has no real right to claim "Life is not fair" for her kids. She didnt have to keep having kids. She made that choice for them. Those kids will have serious issues growing up I'm betting.
I'm getting kinda pissed now, so I am going to stop this one, and maybe continue later. But you get the jist of what I am saying.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grab a box of tissues

We didn't do anything for Valentine's day, ordered Chinese food and watched a movie. Now we had already seen the movie, and bawled our eyes out, so you would think we wouldn't cry as much this time around, ..... yeah right. Same point in the movie as last time, we BOTH lost it.
What movie am I talking about I know you are asking. Fireproof. Yes, it is a Christian movie, meaning it does talk about God, and having a relationship with him, but anyone should be able, I mean can enjoy it. Espescially anyone that at the very least believes in God. Its a very moving movie, and not so much spiritually per say.
I suggest everyone, espescially couples (married or not) watch this one. Curl up with a blanket, pillow, and your loved one, maybe a glass of wine, or something and enjoy. Try not to pause it, but if you need to okay. But you will need a box of tissues. I promise you.
There are some very funny scenes too. And a few deleted scenes are great too. It has Kirk Cameron in it, but he is really the main and only real star in it.
Please watch it!

Monday, February 9, 2009

God forbid this come true.....

I recently finished the final book in Joel C Rosenberg's series. It was Dead Heat. VERY FREAKIN GOOD. And God frobid it come true. Or at least the terrorist attack in it.
For those unfamiliar with the series, it all started with The Last Jihad. Now to borrow from the inside cover of the final book. Almost word for word.

"On the first page of Last Jihad, readers are put in the cockpit of a hijacked jet on a kamikaze attack on an American city......."yet written 9 months before 9/11. "The story american president is at war with Saddam Hussein over terroism..."yet published five months before the actual war began.

"2nd novel Last Days opens with an attack on a US diplomatic convoy heading into Gaza, the death of Yasser Arafat, and radical Islamic terrorists trying to seize the West Bank and Gaza".....2 weeks before it was published a US diplomatic convoy was attacked in Gaza, and a mere 13 months later Arafat was dead, and Hamas seized control of Gaza.

"3rd novel The Ezekiel Option a dictator rises to power in Russia, an Iranian leader vows to annihilate Israel, and Russia and Iran form an alliance." "THE VERY DAY THE BOOK CAME OUT Iran elected a new president vowing to accelerate the nuclear program and 4 months later he vowed to take Isareal off the map, and Russia agreed to sell them $1 billion worth of high tech weapons.

4th book The Copper Scroll an ancient scroll describes unimaginable treasures worth billions buried in the hills east of Jerusalem and under the city itself more treasures that could be from the second temple and lead to the building of the 3rd temple. One month after the release, an article was published in Biblical Archeology review about an intensified hunt for such a scroll.. The Copper scroll.

So we can see that Joel C Rosenberg has had an eerie way of unintentially predicting the future. In this last book terrorists launch a MASSIVE nuclear attack on our country. Im talking it makes what we did to Japan look like a popper firecracker. I wont go into too many details, so I dont ruin the story, but its scary. Our government needs to read these, espescially this one, and prevent what they can. Granted this is fiction, but look at the track record of things coming true.

The first 2 books are more like political, action thrillers, I really dont consider them Christian Fiction. But he is classified as such. You may find him in regular though. The last 3, espescially the last 2 get a little religous, not preachy preachy though. Although very intense and at times violent, its not graphic and excessive. There is no foul language nor is there any sex scenes. And the violence is more like intense action. An excellent read for the entire series. You get very attacthed to the chracters, and it blows your mind and kinda hurts you what happens to them as the entire story unfolds. Moments of joy and sadness. Like you really know them, even though they are fictional.

Again pass the word along, read the books, tell me and others what you think, and lets find a way to get our government to read this last one, to prevent the attack that happens, because honestly I REALLY think it could.

Friday, February 6, 2009

hey im back

we were w/o a computer for a little while. plus i havent had much to say, but i do now. just not NOW. everythings okay right now. i am really liking sales. although i am still pretty tired alot. maybe im sick or something. i think now its because im not contstantly moving. like today for example, i had to b.s around, (i was told to by my boss) to get my hours for the day. i was done at 115pm. with the hour drive to the store, just not back to the plant. i will write my thoughts real soon i promise.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free at Last

Free at last, free at last. Thank god, I am free at last! Yes, I am out of the freaking warehouse! I am in sales now. granted entry level in sales, but still. Three days off a week, optional to work more, which i am right now to learn as much as possible, plus need the OT. I started this past Sunday, and so far i really like it. Now, if i can just be free of having to work all together. Can someone help me win the lottery, or just give me a HUGE amount of $$$.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jumped the Gun

We jumped the gun. We ended up with a miscarriage. Happened yesterday. We are sad, but getting better. The doctor said that she didnt do anything wrong, and infact that in many cases the body will self-abort if somethings wrong with the fetus. And Dawn never really felt pregnant, and honestly felt something wasnt right from the beginning.
So to all those that have expressed thoughts and prayers, thank you. But we will try again, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, will know until we have been to the doctor and had the ulrasound.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

No I did not lie

No, I did not lie. I know I said at least once a week I would update this, and it has been pretty much two weeks ago since the last one, and I am sorry. Between my job, and the holidays, things have been hectic.
First we had an interesting Christmas. Many toys and clothes for Carly. And yes, a week later she still is playing with them. I got the main things I wanted, that I knew were reasonable to get; a new copy of Fight Club (dogs destroyed my old one) and X Box Live points. Dawn got the big things she wanted, hoodies, boot socks, and some kitchen stuff. But the interesting thing came to the both of us. She took a test Xmas eve, and a slight + sign. Xmas day she took a digital test, guess what it said PREGNANT. so, we are having another little one. We think a boy, b/c Dawn was REALLY sick at this point with Carly. and many many people we know were only sick with their girls, not boys.
I am going to sales, just dont know when I am starting. And we just found out we only owe 1900 or so on the car! We got back 2500 in taxes last year, and expecting about as much this year. And we should have at least 3 more payments in b4 tax time. So guess where the refund will go! It will be great to have an extra 300 in the bank.
Happy new year all!