Wednesday, September 2, 2009

lets stir things up a little

im going to piss some people off quite a bit maybe. but thats not my intention. i want to get people thinking, talking, and perhaps start to get things through to our leaders, from local all the way to the feds.

Lets start with a major hot button issue.... Abortion.
I seriously doubt anyone actually likes abortion. I doubt anyone is "pro abortion" its more like pro choice. Just like it is not "anti women's rights" and more like pro life. Before I go into my spill about this, I am pro choice.... to a point. I don't like it, but do believe it needs to remain legal for some cases. People it is legal as of now, and needs to remain that way, with restrictions. Okay, this is what I am talking about. Rape (date, violent, etc) and incest/ molestation are the biggest reasons why. I have heard that a woman can not get pregnant from a rape, something about the woman's body shuts down if she is forced, but what about drug induced? Or how can you be 1000000000% sure that she won't? Say abortion is done away with, your wife, daughter, girlfriend, sister, mom, friend, whoever is raped. You mean to tell me that you want those doctors to come and say, "You're pregnant, but even though it is a result of this horrible traumatic experience, due to current law, you have to suck it up and carry this fetus to birth." Please people, more than likely every time she looks at her baby, shes going to be sick, knowing where it came from. Forget the baby, her belly, before it is born. Rapes are hard enough to get over with, but legally forcing a woman to live with the result, is just as bad. Don't mention adoption, she gave the kid up lets say. Because shes sick of where they came from. But the kid finds her. Thats not fair to her, or the kid. She may be fine with seeing them. But if shes not, it will bring up everything she tried to forget. And if they do say a woman can not have one b/c of rape, then they will have to charge her with the same crime if she does anything to try to abort herself.
Now, I did say there needs to be restrictions. I agree that the powers that be so to speak have no rights to know our medical standing, but a line does have to be drawn. Here is an example. A real one. My wife used to work with a girl we will call KC. This girl had an abortion. Then, about 3, no more than 4 months later, had another one. Here is the real kicker. They had the exact same health insurance plan through their job. We were paying the doctor's co-pay and the drug co-pay for birth control. KC had the abortion 100% covered. It was cheaper to spread the legs, get knocked up, then have an abortion, than to be responsible and use precautions. Now yes, KC did take it hard, both times. But she should have learned from the first one. So here's my point,.... a woman is having repeated abortions, instead of being responsible, thats wrong. That needs to be stopped. And I do mean STOPPED. Whether or not it is a financial burden on her or not. (the cost of the procedure) Perhaps forced birth control. Obviously something is not right in her head. Or lets say there is a crack head whore, that baby is going to have a really rough life, the option should be there, and perhaps in certain instances, mandatory. What if the mother will die, no way around it if she carries to term/ delivers it? I do not want you to say sorry you will die, but we can not abort. And oh, more than likely the baby will too, but we can't abort. Now yes, medical advances are being made every day, and this is unlikely,... but possible.
All that aside, here is the biggest issue. Abortion is now illegal, anyone who performs one goes to jail, self inflicted or not. Mothers do not want the babies. Where are they going? Who is going to take care of them? I will tell you who, the tax payer ultimately. Yeah, there are charities, and adoptions, but most will end up in the system. Which is just like our prisons, over crowded. We fund that. Foster parents get checks for each kid every month. We pay that. While most are probably good people, not all are. Kids get neglected, abused, or what ever. And some kids get bounced around, they never know stability. Which can lead to more problems. It may not, but it can.
So to wrap up my thoughts for now.... Abortion is unfortuantely a necessary evil. It just needs to be done "right". That is until we can fix our many other problems in our country/ lives, so we can answer every question I have raised, and all the others that would be raised if they over turn Roe vs. Wade.