Thursday, May 28, 2009


got the call. we have the right antibiotic. figurerd we did though. she acts like everything is good. thanx for your prayers all. now we just got to hope this wont be a reoccurring thing

Monday, May 25, 2009

changes changes

well at work they are changing the routes again. im still at walmart, but now on friday and saturday i am alot closer to home. like almost next door. yeah! but the downfall is 3 food lions. which will REALLY bite when FL goes on sale.

also, please keep my little Carly in your prayers. she has a kidney infection, diagnosed on Sat. the piss test wont be done til Wed, to see if it is genetic or something more serious. shes fine right now. playing running and such. as long as she has her messin (her word for medicine).

talk more later all

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hello, is anybody out there?

hellooooo, is anybody out there, can anybody hear me? .... just kidding, a reference to pink floyd.

anyways, i know i have been gone a while. going into peak season again. just last week i had like 70 hours. granted i did work extra, but boy was i tired, still am. i have new carly pics, i know on myspace, and i think some on facebook.

she had a great easter, really hunted for eggs. and was soooo excited to find chocolate in the eggs. not to sound sexist or sterotypical, but she is definately a girl. LOVES fact she will chew threw a wrapper if you dont take it fast enough to stop her, or just to open it.

she is so freakin smart. loves to potty on the big one, yes.. the BIG one. (whith her seat of course), and she knows when she has to go usually. now, to work on poop. and just this morning she looked at my bare belly, pointed at my belly button, and told me what it was. i asked her where hers was, and she showed me. however when asked where mommy's was, she pointed at her own. well i will try to write more later. hope everyone is well.