Thursday, January 15, 2009

Free at Last

Free at last, free at last. Thank god, I am free at last! Yes, I am out of the freaking warehouse! I am in sales now. granted entry level in sales, but still. Three days off a week, optional to work more, which i am right now to learn as much as possible, plus need the OT. I started this past Sunday, and so far i really like it. Now, if i can just be free of having to work all together. Can someone help me win the lottery, or just give me a HUGE amount of $$$.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Jumped the Gun

We jumped the gun. We ended up with a miscarriage. Happened yesterday. We are sad, but getting better. The doctor said that she didnt do anything wrong, and infact that in many cases the body will self-abort if somethings wrong with the fetus. And Dawn never really felt pregnant, and honestly felt something wasnt right from the beginning.
So to all those that have expressed thoughts and prayers, thank you. But we will try again, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, will know until we have been to the doctor and had the ulrasound.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

No I did not lie

No, I did not lie. I know I said at least once a week I would update this, and it has been pretty much two weeks ago since the last one, and I am sorry. Between my job, and the holidays, things have been hectic.
First we had an interesting Christmas. Many toys and clothes for Carly. And yes, a week later she still is playing with them. I got the main things I wanted, that I knew were reasonable to get; a new copy of Fight Club (dogs destroyed my old one) and X Box Live points. Dawn got the big things she wanted, hoodies, boot socks, and some kitchen stuff. But the interesting thing came to the both of us. She took a test Xmas eve, and a slight + sign. Xmas day she took a digital test, guess what it said PREGNANT. so, we are having another little one. We think a boy, b/c Dawn was REALLY sick at this point with Carly. and many many people we know were only sick with their girls, not boys.
I am going to sales, just dont know when I am starting. And we just found out we only owe 1900 or so on the car! We got back 2500 in taxes last year, and expecting about as much this year. And we should have at least 3 more payments in b4 tax time. So guess where the refund will go! It will be great to have an extra 300 in the bank.
Happy new year all!