Tuesday, August 4, 2009

movie review- "Watchmen"

i recently watched "The Watchmen" movie on dvd. Not knowing the story other than fom the previews, and hearing a little about it, i watched it. I liked it, a little strange, and minutely hard to follow (if you get up w/o pausing (i didnt) you could get lost) but it was really cool. im hoping to read the graphic novel and see how it is. yes, you see penis, but not the whole movie (thank god, its almost 3 hours) and you barely see it in the 4 maybe 5 scenes. it looks like a twinkie. besides i read a review, that its digital. and since the character is "detatched from humanity" it makes since, being naked doesnt mean a thing. nor does time, or anything.
it is a very violent movie, but people, Kill Bill is WAY more violent and bloody. i highly reccomend the movie.

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