Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i know i know i said i am starting a new blog, and i am, im working on it. but here are some updates,... on the most important person in the whole world.... ME. just kidding. of course i am talking about carly.

well, of course by now shes walking, more like running around everywhere. she loves to be outside, and to go get the mail. shes saying small sentences now. like a couple weeks ago, dawn was making funny faces and noises, and all of a sudden, carly says "Mommy silly". and kept saying it. then when asked is carly silly and daddy silly. she said that too! and giggles when she says it. she also says "popple did it" mimi (carly's name for grandma on dawn's side) discovered this, and we have heard it, when she walks in the room. carly turns real quick and says it. we still do not know what popple (grandpa) did. she no longer says boop for book. she says book. she knows the difference between daddy's shoes and keys, from mommy's.

she loves chicken, eggies (eggs), and toast. she also loves Icees (cola), and Jamocha shakes. god forbid if you interrupt her during: toot and puddle, little bear, franklin, little einsteins, and yo gabba gabba. she has a jacket of the latter. and all she says when she sees it, it "gabbit gabbit" she loves pooh, and elmo.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

coming soon to a blog near you

im going to be starting a new blog page soon. it will have controversial topics, and if i can figure out how to let others post on it, that will be allowed. topics like drugs, death penalty, religion, aliens, and such. look forward to it!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A promotion....kinda

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks ago that I kinda got a promotion. I didnt get a raise or anything, in fact all I got was more responsibility.

See in my "new" position in sales, I work Friday-Monday. Fri/ Sat I'm in wallace at Piggly Wiggly, Food Lion, and Walmart (the old kind, Division 1 stores). I used to be here in town on Sun/ Mon. A floater usually, although I did have a route, but the sales guy usually worked.

well 3 weeks ago though i walked in on sunday, and was told "you are no longer on Jason's route". i thought i did something bad, until they said i am in Walmart in Monkey Junction. A super center!!!! thats a HUGE amount of responsibility. Walmarts are nortoriously anal about everything. in fact so anal, we stay there all day. turns out the weekend guy there before didnt do his job. i already have my Fri/ sat CR demanding to keep me as his relief, cause they were going to switch me and the other guy completely. that wa stopped real fast. then, the CR for Walmart, told me when he walked in on Tuesday, everyone in Walmart was sayin that I kicked ass. "He actually worked, and hard!" they said.

So I have a huge increase in responsibility, so I guess they like the job im doing. Yea me!!!